Is It Normal To Struggle To Make Friends In College?

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While making new friends in college might seem impossibly difficult for introverts, it’s not impossible. You can join the social life of college with a little bit of confidence, a smile and keeping an eye out for people with similar interests and hobbies to you.


Do you shy away from talking to large groups of people? Do you feel more comfortable keeping to yourself and hanging out with a couple of close friends?

Being on your own can be pretty tough; it makes you more self-conscious and hesitant to strike up conversations, so it’s easy to feel lonely. College offers a great opportunity to make friends for life. Whether you're an introvert by nature or just not sure how to approach strangers and get involved.

YES, it is normal to struggle to make new friends in college.

You can make friends easily by taking advantage of your college's orientation programs, learning about all the student clubs and organisations and sitting near someone new at every lecture or seminar. If you still feel left out, reach out to your parents and other family members, especially a sibling who may be more prone to socialising than you.

Reaching out to new people is awkward and uncomfortable, and it can be a lot harder than it was in high school. But finding the right friends or even one good friend can make your college experience more enjoyable. You just have to put yourself out there. 

Know that although you may feel like you are the only one struggling to make new friends, there are plenty of people who have felt and are feeling the exact same way as you. You are not alone!


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