Unisa Offers A Flexible Study Schedule For You!

Unisa is an open distance e-learning university, thus they provide students with the freedom to create their own schedule when it comes to their studies. Continue reading to learn more. 

The University of South Africa (Unisa) is an open distance e-learning university which reaches into places where other institutions do not, making a difference to everyone.

Unisa offers a combination of career-orientated courses usually associated with a university of technology, combined with general formative academic programmes typically linked to a traditional university.

This university offers many certificates, degrees and diplomas at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

This gives you the option of studying for as long as you wish and within your own time frame.

Many students enrolled at Unisa have jobs and some even take care of their children while studying, as the structure of their schedules allow them to do this. This flexibility allows students to gain experience in the field they are studying to receive a qualification for. 

Students are allowed to study full-time or part-time and students make use of both online resources and study materials which are provided by Unisa. However, some courses offered at Unisa do require students to attend workshops and tutorials which take place outside their homes. 

This university is very convenient as students get to study in their own time frame and it is more cost efficient as students get to work while completing their studies. 

Unisa encourages students to take responsibility for planning their studies and managing their time effectively so that they have the most positive experience of the university. Despite being a distance university they do offer support to students should they struggle.

Students may also receive financial support as NSFAS funds students who attend Unisa. 

For more information on financial aid, click here. 

Click here to find out how to apply to Unisa. 


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