Are Unisa Short Courses Accredited?

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Unisa is the largest open distance learning university in South Africa and allows students to have a flexible schedule. The university also offers a range of short courses.

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The University of South Africa (Unisa) is a typically preferred university for students who may need a more flexible study programme, such as students with full-time jobs, as a majority of Unisa students participate on a part-time basis.

To further support students who require the sort of flexibility that Unisa provides, the university also offers relevant short courses.

Unisa's Centre for Lifelong Learning offers short learning programmes, which are Unisa's short courses, in the following colleges: Accounting Sciences, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Human Sciences, Law, Science, Engineering and Technology, Graduate School of Business Leadership and the other Administration and Professional course.

Unisa Short Courses On Offer

The short courses that are available include a long list which can be found by clicking here. Here are just a few of the courses on offer:

  • Biblical studies for Christian Leaders
  • African Political Economy
  • Basic Counselling
  • Basics of Project Management
  • Accounting for School Governance
  • Environmental Education
  • International Marketing
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Mathematics Education
  • Public Relations
  • Practical Labour Law
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Sport Psychology

Are Unisa short courses accredited?

Unisa short courses are quality assured and presented in accordance with the CHE’s guidelines and are accredited.

Unisa's Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) are introductory, practical, non-degree programmes meant to develop skills and knowledge in a chosen subject field in a quick and effective manner. They are intended to update or broaden students’ skills and knowledge in a specific area by covering fundamental key concepts.

Some of Unisa's short courses may have specific prerequisites or recommended prior knowledge, outlined in the programme details.

How To Apply For Unisa Short Courses

To submit an official application to the university, the following documents are required:

  • A copy of school qualifications prior to enrolling at Unisa (i.e. National Senior Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree, etc.)
  • Copy of official tertiary academic records (if applicable) 
  • Copy of ID (South African citizens)/Passport (international students)
  • Copy of marriage or divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • All documents are to be translated into either Afrikaans or English

To complete the application process, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click “apply”
  2. Click on “Short Learning Programmes”  and then “Apply for admission”
  3. Click “Apply Online” for the short learning programmes
  4. Complete the prompt that asks whether you have a student number yet or not
  5. Thereafter, you can begin filling in personal details, selecting your courses for application and uploading your documents.
  6. Once done, submit your online application and await a response. Do note that short learning programmes do not require an application fee.

After the student has submitted an application, the student may use its logins to track their application outcome, however, the university will communicate the outcome of the short learning programme application between January and February.

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