What Does Stadio School of Fashion Have To Offer?

Stadio School of Fashion offers many different qualifications, for anyone who is interested in going into the fashion industry. They are strongly student centered and also have funding options available for financially needy students.


Stadio School of Fashion offers a wide variety of fashion related qualifications, so regardless of where in the fashion industry you're looking to go, Stadio has a place for you.

They offer qualifications in:

  • BA(honours) in Fashion 
  • BA in Fasion
  • BCom in Fashion
  • Higher Certificate in Fashion
  • Higher Certificate in Fashion Retail 

What sets Stadio ahead is that their lecturers are very involved in the industry and they support their students articulate pathways. The student being a very dynamic bunch, they are all catered for as much as possible.

Stadio has a students at the core approach above everything else, always assuring that their students are getting only the best of fashion education.

Stadio is constantly cultivating international and local industry relationships, staying active in the industry and creating great opportunities for their students They help students build experience in the industry so once they graduate, they re fit for the working world.

They currently have two campuses, one in Hatfield (Pretoria) and one in Randburg (Johannesburg), where they have top facilities for their students.

For more information on applications to study at Stadio and if you're interested, click here.

They currently have three funding options in place for, a Fundi load, a Capitec loan and finally bursary funds with people in the industry, like Mr Price and other clothing stores.


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