How To Apply Online To Study At Milpark

Monday, 17 May, 2021 - 08:35
Terrique Faro
How can I apply online to study at Milpark Education?

Milpark Education was established in 1997 and one of the first private providers of higher management education in South Africa. Milpark Education is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a Private Higher Education Institution and is one of the leading providers in South Africa. The institution has two teaching campuses in Cape Town and Johannesburg that provides undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, courses and training to students. In a world that is constantly changing, their aim is to ensure that they continue to support students' learning journey through relevant education solutions that are tailored to the needs of modern society. 

What are the different types of learning techniques offered by Milpark Education?

Contact learning - all students studying part-time or full-time will attend lectures on site where you will engage face-to-face. Full-time students will attend classroom sessions on campus during office hours, whereas part-time students only attend classes after hours or on weekends. 

Distance learning - distance learning does not require students to spend any amount of time at a specific location. However, this may depend on the discipline field. One of the biggest advantages of distance learning is that students work independently and are in complete control of their time. This method of learning is ideal for people who have a full-time job or for people with special commitments.

Online learning - Milpark provides a wide range of flexible interactive learning courses right at your fingertips. This method of learning is ideal for working people or those who cannot commit to attending lectures on campus. The virtual learning environment (VLE) allows you to access your course from any location using any device. The course material is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and facilitated by an expert in the field, who will engage, support and guide students throughout the course.

How to apply to study online at Milpark?

To apply online for Milpark Education, all applicants require their 13 digit South African ID number in order to validate your application. All Students applying to a new programme must complete an admission application and receive academic acceptance to their chosen programme before registering for individual subjects. 

If you would like to enquire more information, you can visit Milpark's website or contact the below campuses:

Cape Town:
Student Support number: 086 999 0001
Telephone: 021 673 9100

Durban (admin and support office only)
Student Support number: 086 999 0001
Telephone: 031 266 0444

Student support number: 086 999 0001
Telephone: 0 11 718 4000

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