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You can achieve your matric no matter how long you have been out of school. You can get your Umalusi accredited matric certificate if you are over the age of 21 and have a grade 9 certificate. To learn more click here.

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Community colleges play a critical role in providing post-school opportunities for adults. Here's the calendar for community colleges for the 2024 academic year.

Are you an adult looking to complete your basic education? Well, keep on reading to find out about ABET providers (Adult Basic Education and Training) and what they offer.

Exams can be one of the most overwhelming times for many students. It is the time when students have to mentally prepare themselves for their final academic year which results in students becoming anxious and stressed to achieve their desired year-end result. 

Are you looking at completing your matric online this year? There are many registered Higher Education Institutions offering the option to complete your matric online. 

Obtain your Adult Matric and better your chances to get employed, promoted and start the career you want. Milpark Education has some great options.

If you want to complete your high school or improve on your marks, don’t worry! There are many schools and colleges offering bridging or matric courses which allow you to continue your studies, including Oxbridge Academy.

Milpark Education was established in 1997 as one of the first private providers of higher management education in South Africa. Here is how can apply online to study at Milpark in a few simple steps.

In today’s extremely competitive job market, many people consider further studies in an effort to boost their careers, broaden their horizons, or improve their chances of landing a promotion. Here are some tips to help you succeed as an adult learner.

Wanting to get back into the game and obtain your adult matric? Here's how. 

If you're a matric student and you've been wondering what a matriculation exemption is, then keep reading to find out. 

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Post-Matric Options


After completing your matric certificate exams, you are faced with a lot of post-matric options that can shape your future paths.

These options range from pursuing higher education at universities or colleges, entering vocational training programs, joining the workforce, or even starting your own business. There are so many choices but we are here to help.


Where to Study

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