What Is An NC(V) Qualification?

What Is An NC(V) Qualification?

As you navigate what your career and study plans are, the option of studying at a TVET College could come up. You will then come across the NC(V) qualification. Keep reading to find out what this qualification is and more on it.


TVET Colleges are a good option to advance your studies and future career. One of the qualifications you can study towards at a TVET College is the NC(V).

NC(V) refers to the National Certificate (Vocational). These qualifications were created to provide workplace-based skill sets in various career fields that are in demand in South Africa. 

With an NCV qualification, you are also able to move into higher education programs within the same learning areas

The NC(V) has different levels to it:

  • NCV Qualification on NQF Level 2: Equivalent to grade 10.
  • NCV Qualification on NQF Level 3: Equivalent to grade 11.
  • NCV Qualification on NQF Level 4: Equivalent to grade 12.

The requirements to study the NC(V) differ according to the field you're studying towards but the basic minimum requirement is a Grade 9 pass, ABET Certificate or NQF 1 Certificate. This means that without finishing Matric, students get the chance to harness their skills and build a successful career.

NC(V) courses are also beneficial for those individuals who do not do well in a traditional school environment. 

This is also a course you can study to get Matric.

After you obtain this qualification, you can then apply to study towards a Bachelor's degree at a University.

Visit the TVET Colleges website for more on South Africa's TVET Colleges.

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