Here Are TVET College Courses Where Matric Isn't Needed

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Many people believe that you cannot continue your education or find a respectable career without a matric certificate. However, this is untrue because TVET colleges offer a variety of courses that will allow you to further your education. 

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TVET College Courses Without Matric

Failing to achieve your matric certification does not mean your education journey is over. You can enrol at several accredited Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges that offer courses without a matric qualification requirement.

TVET Colleges offer a variety of courses, many of them addressing the skills shortage in South Africa. One of the types of qualifications you can get at a TVET College is a National Certificate (Vocational) (NC(V)). The NC(V) does not require you to have matric.

Can I study At TVET College Without Matric?

To study at a TVET College without a matric certificate you must:

  • Be at least 16 years or older 
  • Have Grade 9 or ABET Level 4 Certificate

Here are courses you could take at a TVET College without having a matric certificate:

  • Management Course
  • Computer
  • First Aid Course
  • Forensic Courses
  • Child Psychology Courses
  • Photography Courses
  • Interior Design and Decorating
  • Child Day Care Courses
  • Creche Management Courses
  • Educare and Child Care Courses
  • Accounting Courses
  • Bookkeeping Courses
  • Finance Courses
  • Adult Matric
  • Beauty Therapy Courses
  • Health Courses

FET College Courses Without Matric

Are you looking for FET college courses without Matric? Did you know that the term FET was changed in South African to TVET a few years ago? So the terms FET and TVET mean the same thing in SA. 

TVET Colleges offer courses that allow you to gain a matric certificate if you have completed Grade 9. You will receive the National Vocational Certificate (NCV) on Levels 2,3 and 4 which are equivalent to Grades 10, 11 and 12. 

Choosing to continue your studies without a matric at a TVET College could benefit you a lot as TVET colleges place a strong emphasis on students' employability by making practical training as a major part of the course. This makes you well prepared for the work environment. 

One of the most common causes of failure is quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Don't give up!

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