What Are Teacher Assistant Duties?

What Are Teacher Assistant Duties?

The Department of Basic Education employed more than 300 000 teachers assistants to help teachers across South Africa as they faced the new challenges brought about by Covid-19 pandemic. You may be wondering what their duties are at school, well keep reading to find out. 



Teachers assistants were employed at schools across South Africa in order to help teachers in the classroom as they dealt with the disruptions and challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

So what are these teacher's assistants duties? 

Well teaching assistants have various duties to the teachers and learners in the classroom. The following are some of the responsibilities or duties they have to fulfill: 

  • Prepare mark sheets, keeping of records and capturing of marks. 
  • Hand out workbooks/textbooks to learners. 
  • Hand out question papers, worksheets, classwork books and marked scripts to learners. 
  • Help the teacher with the photocopying of question papers, worksheets etc. 
  • Make sure the classroom is safe, secure and clean. 
  • Make sure that the learners you are working with are able to engage in the learning at hand and stay on task. 
  • Support the social and emotional development of learners and report any issues when necessary. 
  • Support the teacher in managing challenging learner behaviour and promoting positive behaviour. 
  • Guide and monitor pupil progress. 
  • Carry out administrative duties, such as preparing classroom resources. 
  • Create displays and prepare classrooms for teaching and learning. 
  • Ensure that teaching materials are available and ready for use. 
  • Listen to learners read, reading to them and telling them stories. 
  • Look after learners who have had accidents, need help, or are upset. 
  • Provide support outside of the classroom such as helping during exams or on school trips. 
  • Help with extracurricular activities such as after-school clubs and revision sessions. 
  • To assist with teaching and learning programs in the school

Teaching assistants have been a great help in doing administrative tasks which ensures that teachers get to finish the necessary work in the classroom. 

In order to work as a teachers assistant you must be a qualified unemployed graduates (NQF6/7 or higher) or have an NQF level 4 (Matric) qualification.

The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga has said that Treasury will be looking into employing teachers assistants again as schools move towards 100% capacity full-time. 

Visit the Department's website for more information. 

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