Let DigsConnect Help You With Living

DigsConnect makes looking for accommodation easier for students. As well as assisting you in finding a home while you study, DigsConnect has a giveaway and you could be winning R50000. 

We are all familiar with the constant struggle students are currently facing with accommodation.  The past three years has seen protest after protest fueled by this very problem. In recognising this nation wide issue, DigsConnect was birthed. Started by graduates, it provides students with an opportunity to search for accommodation in a way that is safe and secure. DigsConnect is now the largest student accommodation forum in South Africa and has helped thousands of students find housing. 

 A look on their website will have you find phrases such as, 'We want to build friendships, not just relationships', as community is important in their vision for providing comfort to students. DigsConnects operates across South Africa and is rather easy to use. It allows suppliers of properties to communicate effectively with students and also allows students looking for flatmates to connect with each other and makes that process even easier for those searching. 

Another perk in signing up and using DigsConnect is their rewards system. Each time a student signs a lease, they receive a reward. These rewards come in the form of vouchers to online shops, restaurants and those things that come in handy when you're a student working with a student's budget. 


How Does It Work?

You'll find that DigsConnect follows a similar format to regular property websites, but this one is tailored for students. Simply visit their website and if you're looking for digs, just find your location and search to find your next student living space. You also have the option under 'Find a Digsmate' which makes finding a roommate easier and operates with a profile and messaging system. Landlords also have an option under 'Add a Digs' to list their properties. 

DigsConnect has even gone even further with ensuring that students feel safe and have a verification option which tells the individual looking that they have personally visited and can verify that it is a good property. 


WIN R50000 With DigsConnect

DigsConnect is giving you the opportunity to win R50000 in cash.  Your first step to enter would be to download the DigsConnect App, which is available on Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple devices. Then you will need to fill out a form. You will then need to complete 5 challenges sent to you via the app from 17-21 February. Play and you will hopefully have R50000 in your pocket by the end of it. 


Visit DigsConnect here

Download App on Play Store

Download App on App Store

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