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Alexandria Procter from DigsConnect spoke with Careers Portal Samuel Holmes about co-living, digs lingo and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.


DigsConnect was started by students in Cape Town to assist others with finding the proper student accommodation. The website is well known and very popular with South African campuses for providing students with much-needed accommodation.

The website also offers a service where they will try to hook you up with a digs mate looking for a similar place to you.

During the conversation with Alexandria Procter, she pointed out that co-living is when you live with someone or other people.

By choosing a co-living accommodation, you would be renting out a room in a house with many others.

If you're worried about safety, DigsConnect prioritises safety. Since we are living in dangerous times, DigsConnect understands the importance of feeling safe in your own home.

DigsConnect makes sure that there are no dodgy individuals on the platform and calls landlords to engage on whether it is safe or not.

Procter also explained a few digs terms such as a landlord, lease, furnished, and unfurnished.

A landlord is a person who owns a property and is looking to rent out rooms. A lease is a legal agreement that you have with your landlord.

Unfurnished is a place with nothing in it. It's just a plain building structure and won't have a bed, fridge, stove or any furniture.

Partly furnished is when the essentials are there such as a microwave, fridge, and bed, however, you will have to bring everything else you may need.

Fully furnished means that the space is fully decked out and all you'll need to bring is your personal belongings. However, fully furnished doesn't necessarily mean bedding is included so you should enquire about this before arriving to move into your digs.

With regards to the tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, Procter states the following:

  1. Start: If you have a business idea, just go for it and do not let your excuses get in the way of you pursuing your dream.
  2. Focus on one thing: Think of the main purpose of your business and follow through on that main idea. Try to successfully execute that plan so that you can make your dream a reality.
  3. Build something you know about: Make sure that you are clued up about your product or service so that you can encourage others to use it. If you know what makes your product or service better than others out there, then you can easily sell what it is your selling.
  4. Be obsessed: Starting a business is very difficult, however, if you are passionate about it then you will have the courage to persevere through the hard times and make your company a success.
  5. Don't spend money before you have to: There are many free ways to advertise your business, such as using Instagram or building your own website for free through various programs. Research how you can do the simple things for free so that you do not waste your money.

Click here for information about how to join DigsConnect.

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