SASSA Status Check - SRD Status Check Online - SRD R350 Payment Dates 2023

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If you haven't got a job at the moment, and you aren't studying, then it's tough to get money. The Sassa SRD R350 grant is available to help people like you who need a helping hand at the moment. But how do you get the SRD R350 grant? How do you apply for it? When do you go and collect it? Can they pay the SRD R350 grant directly to your bank account? We have all the answers to your SRD R350 grant questions.

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SRD Status Check Online - SRD R350 Payment Dates 2024

It's a question that many people ask: How can I monitor my sassa status? Of course the most important thing is to know about your payment date. These pages contain information about the application process for Sassa. You can check Sassa's status online by visiting our website and finding the news we publish here.

Careers Portal news is written by our trained team of journalists. It contains information on Sassa grant applications, reapplicable grants, Social grant and the SRD R350 grant.

The South African Sassa agency is the organisation that is tasked with distributing each social grant to citizens.

How to Check if Your R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant Application Has Been Approved

If you are applying for the R350 grant then it is obviously very important to you. With food prices going up a lot, and the problems with loadshedding, things are becoming very expensive. We have the details on how you can check on how things are going with your SASSA R350 grant application.

You have to make sure that they have the correct personal details for you, things like ID number and bank account details. The SASSA relief funds are under the same rules as other government assistance so you have to check the status.

This method will enable you in a timely manner to track the status on SASSA R350 applications.

How To Receive Your Sassa Grant Through Your Bank Account

Your grant will be paid as soon as Sassa approves your payment. 

Why is my Sassa R350 approved but no payday?

This is a question that we often see on the Careers Portal Facebook page. Your social relief grant is approved but not paid - and there is no payment date listed. You could find several reasons why you did not receive your payment from the SASSA status checks. Those credited but still not paid are usually groups who have outstanding bank accounts or failed bank accounts waiting confirmation.

Applicants should submit applications in order to qualify for funding but you might have a problem is your Sassa SRD balance status is not good. Their might also be a problem with your banking details. This won't affect the payment date as the SRD payment status.

Why is my SASSA Status check Pending?

Unfortunately, if your Sassa status online application shows only “pending”. SASSA's official website has recently released the following message on 1 June 2022: Payment of COVID-19 SRD grants (as early as April 2022) will commence from July 2022.

SASSA will continue to clear outstanding payments from previous cycles until bank confirmation of your account bank detail. Your payment date should be happening soon. It will be paid out monthly. There may be multiple monthly payment plans and no one will receive two payments.

You can also use the Sassa Whatsapp number to do your application status check by registering with your cellphone number. The new application process now works very smoothly.

What is The Process for Reconsidering My SASSA R350 Grant Application?

To check the status of a reconsideration application, an applicant should visit the SASSA reconsideration website. A pending application for a re-entry to the R350 programme is often due in part to inaccurate or incomplete data from a bank. SASSA recipients should use bank information over card-less options for quicker payments. You can also find the phone number to call and check on your application.

Sassa Status Check Reconsideration Process

In the reconsiderations the person must review personal data and their income status for the protection of vulnerable individuals. This may change during application. It was recently reported that a delay is being caused by the longer communication periods in the banking sector. Remember that to receive covid19 funding African citizens must have received no government response support. The R350 grant is also available to asylum seekers.

Checking the status of my Sassa R350 grant application online

How many people have applied for SASSA grants? How do I know when my application status has been updated? How do I get rejected from incoming emails? How do you check that Sassa has your correct banking details. This article discusses a number of methods that allow examining a grant applications status periodically.

How Can I Check My Sassa Status Reconsideration Application?

If you have been denied a sassa grant, you can apply anew to reconsider. You can check your reconsideration application status on Sassa's reconsideration website if application is submitted using your mobile phone number. You can then check on your Sassa application.

Why has my SASSA Status Check Failed?

The Sassa Status check could be rejected for a number of reasons. You might be listed on government data bases as having a job with the government. You might be listed on the Sassa website with the wrong ID number. So always check Sassa status records and make sure they are up to date. This is the best way to ensure your application status is correct - whatever your financial status is.

How Can I Check My Sassa Payment Status?

South African social security agency Sassa has announced the monthly payment of the social relief grant of R350. Applicants will receive payment when they receive approval for the Sassa social grants. Make sure that your banking details are correct when you go to check Sassa status.

Am I Unable To Check My Sassa SRD R350 Status?

If you get a message saying that a validation check failed in Sassa Status pin, then the information you provided does not correspond with the Department's data. Make sure that the call is coming from the official Sassa phone number so it isn't a scammer. You must provide your information correctly. You can check Sassa status on your Sassa R350 status by doing one of the normal checks.

SASSA Contact Details

Please send an email to SASSA via the following email address or phone number for all your financial aid queries:

SASSA Toll-Free number 0800601011

SASSA Head Office phone number: 012 400 2322

These phone numbers can also be used to confirm child support grant beneficiaries or disability grant recipients.

SASSA. All the information about SASSA is available from the SASSA website. Make sure that you are checking information on the official SASSA website, or a legitimate site like or our sister websites or

What Does “Post Office Not Selected” Mean in Sassa's Status?

We all know that the Post Office is having a tough time! With people not sending letters anymore so much of their business has disappeared. One of the ways that they can stay relevant to South Africans is to pay out grants and other social payments. But they have been struggling to keep to the payment dates.

This was working quite well for the SASSA R350 SRD Grant which was being paid at their branches, among other venues.

Unfortunately they are still struggling financially, and having enough money available at the relevant branch to pay out to beneficiaries on the right day at the right time. So there's no point looking for the local postal office's phone number!

So now the SASSA R350 SRD grant is not available from Post Office branches - which is a problem for many people who may not have an account at any financial institutions.

How To Reconfirm Your Existing Sassa Grant Application Through Status Check?

There are millions of SASSA grants paid every month - and nearly all are paid correctly, with the right bank details, and on time. SASSA is a very efficient South African organisation but even they make mistakes!

This means that you should check on the status of your grants regularly to make sure that all is in order. You can do a SASSA grant status check online - but make sure that you are using a legitimate website and not a fake website. Even if you get a UIF payment it might impact on your Sassa grant.

What Does SASSA's 'Reapplication Pending' Status Mean?

If it shows that SASSA says your grant is reapplication pending no further applications for the Sassa SRD grant soon after you  request reconsideration. The deadline to submit a SASSA application is the end of the month. You can check Sassa's online application status and also your bank details pending. 

How Can You Check The Status Of Your Sassa R350 Appeal?

To get an update regarding your Sassa appeal against rejection of your R350 SRD grant claim you need to check the status of your Sassa grant application.

There is an official website to make this check at SASSA has made it clear that you should only check your information - and share your personal details - with websites under the structure. SASSA have confirmed that that don't ever use websites for their official business so make sure you do not submit your personal information, mobile number or ID number

What Does SASSA's “Cancelled” Status Mean?

In case your grant is cancelled, this means that you can get another funding option based on the criteria.

If The SASSA Status Check Fails, What Does it Mean?

The status check on the application is invalid when the user-provided information doesn't match the Home Affairs Department database. You can look for the phone number of Home Affairs to contact them to check that your South African ID number is listed correctly. This means that information provided when you send an application will be used for verification purposes.

How Long Does The Sassa SRD Reconsideration Pending Status Last?

Sassa will notify you by email or sms within 45 days of your appeal/request. 

How Can I Check My Sassa SRD Status Balance?

You can use the official SASSA website to get an update on the status of your SASSA grant applications and payments - and also your bank details. It is important to use the official SASSA website to check on your status checks.


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