UNISA Warns Students Against Fraud And Dishonesty During Exams

University of South Africa (UNISA) has released a statement on its website strongly condemning the fraud and dishonesty that some of their students get up to during examinations. 


It is alleged that some students at the university pay a fee to a third party to write exams on their behalf. 

UNISA is urging their students to not engage in these activities, as it will reflect badly on their record. 

The institutions released a warning statement to students who pay a fee to a third party to write exams on their behalf. 

We have noted an increase in the solicitation of our students by third parties promising to write online examinations on behalf of students for a fee. 

The institution has said to be invigilating some modules for the September – November 2021 online examinations, and advised that in order to be ready, students must adequately prepare themselves prior to their examinations. 

Unisa has warned that if students are found to be in possession of unauthorized notes, exam papers or if they have external parties assisting them with assessments, they will be expelled from the institution. 

The institution has been embroiled in a row of controversy of late which involves delayed certificates for their graduates since 2019. 

The institution is yet to respond to the allegations of delayed certificates, as their graduates remain stuck and unable to apply for employment without certificates. 

UNISA is also pleading with anyone who has information about students taking part in fraudulent activities during exams to report such. 

Any suspicions of dishonest and fraud can be reported to the following contacts: 

•    Hotline South Africa - 0800 005 311
•    Hotmail South Africa -  hotline@kpmg.co,za
•    Hotlink South Africa -  www.thornhill.co.za/kpmgethicslinereport
•    Hotfax South Africa   - 0800 200 796

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