Unisa To Extend Registration Dates

Unisa has announced that they'll be extending their registration dates and also made an announcement about students who have financial exclusions. This comes in the midst of students all over South Africa airing their grievances when it comes to financial exclusions affecting registration.


Unisa is extending their registration dates. These dates are yet to be finalised and announced.

The University head to social media to announce the following:

The university empathises with the plight of the students and is currently finalising the necessary arrangements for the extension of the registration deadline, which it will communicate in due course.

This follows Blade Nzimande, the Minister of Higher Education, declaring that all Universities will be extending their registrations until next week. 

Due to issues with NSFAS not having funds available to pay first time entering students and having delays in disbursing funds, this then impacted students registrations as students couldn't afford to pay their registration fees.

The issue of financial exclusions came up as well as students who have student debt are not allowed to register. However, as more students rally against this notion, Universities are said to be making moves towards allowing them to register.

Unisa has stated:

During the period of the extended deadline, the university will ensure that the registration backlog is speedily attended to and that the concerns around financial exclusion are also addressed as best as possible.

Unisa felt the need to respond after they received word that students were protesting across their campuses.  Some students are said to have proclaimed intentions for these protests to continue until their demands have been met.

These protests mainly centre around students concerns about financial exclusion and the extension of the registration deadline, said Unisa.

First time entering students who are funded by NSFAS will now be able to register as they will start receiving funding decisions. As for returning students, NSFAS is said to have the funds available to continue disbursing funds to them to support their studies.

Unisa has taken the leap due to Covid-19 and moved their registrations for 2021 online. 

Students will only be allowed to come to the offices if they have serious registration issues. They will then need to complete a Covid-19 health check on the Covid-19 health check app before visiting the offices.

Returning students will be required to use the booking app to book an appointment before visiting a Unisa office. 

Protests continue in Johannesburg as Wits students, along with students from other Universities, protest against Universities' decision to not register students who are financially excluded.

Visit this page to find out more about registering at Unisa.

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