SASSA Postpones New R350 Grant Payments

SASSA Postpones New R350 Grant Payments

SASSA R350 grant payments were supposed to commence on the 23rd of August but the agency has now announced that these first payments have been postponed. The grant is set to run until March 2022.


The first payments for the Special Relief of Distress grant were initially set to commence on 23 August. Now, SASSA has said that this would be delayed.

SASSA said the following on social media:

The 23rd was the initially planned date but unforeseen circumstances compelled us to start payments on the 25th August.

Payments will now commence on 25 August.

It's important to remember that beneficiaries cannot be give a specific date as to when that particular beneficiary will be paid.

If you qualify and have been approved, you will receive your payments through the payment method you chose and provided when applying.

The SASSA grant will be paid in one of the following ways: 

  1. Into the bank account of the beneficiary
  2. Through the South African Post Office (SAPO) 
  3. Through Bank Money Mobile Money Transfers (cash send or e-voucher). This option is for beneficiaries who do not have bank accounts. 

Beneficiaries who aren't receiving their grant money through the bank will need to wait for an SMS which will tell them that they can go fetch their grant. You should not head out to collect a grant if you did not receive an SMS.

As for older R350 grants which beneficiaries have been urged to collect, payments will be made past 31 August for these grants. Anyone who doesn't claim their outstanding grants before 31 August will have it fall away.

Beneficiaries can call SASSA on 0800 601 011 or 012 400 2000 to verify if they have any outstanding balances that need to be collected. 


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