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SASSA Launches Online Grant Application Portal


SASSA has launched an online applications tool for grants. This will save a lot of individual's time and energy with not being stuck in snaking queues which take hours. This portal can be accessed through computers and cellphones.


Social grant applicants will now have a massive weight off their shoulders, and feetas SASSA launches an online grant portal. Applicants can now skip long queues and avoid standing and waiting for hours.

Applications can be lodged on

This is a pilot project and is set to cover Child Support, Older Persons and Foster Child grants. SASSA has said that this online move will provide much-needed relief to grant applicants as it will save them the inconvenience of standing in queues at SASSA offices.  

“The added advantage is that the convenience of online applications eliminates the risk of being infected with the COVID-19 virus because there will be no need to gather at public places to apply,” SASSA said.

The self-service portal can be used from the computer and mobile phones.

According to SASSA, the turnaround time is 10 days. This does depend on if the candidate supplies all the relevant documents linked to the application. These documents include identity documents of applicant and spouse's as well as banking details, among others.

The agency may require documents supporting a change of circumstances such as payment method, banking details and address. “It is important to note that required supporting documents to be attached must be certified by a Commissioner of Oath.”

The portal also provides updates on the status of the application. “To access this service, applicants need to have an email address to sign up and to be able to log in for further services,” SASSA explained.

A receipt will be generated when the application is completed. Applicants will receive word on their applications through email or through an SMS for those who do not have email addresses.

SASSA said the testing of the system would run from 14 September until 25 September.

The agency is currently reviewing its system and thereafter the other grants will also be added to the portal.

SASSA also made a plan to further take on the issue of long queues outside the South African Post Office (SAPO) pay points and introduced an electronic voucher system.

The Postbank and Post Office have come together to develop an electronic voucher payment system for those who benefit from SASSA grants and the COVID-19 Special Relief of Distress grant which sees them receive R350.

Those applying to benefit from SASSA and are approved should beware of fraud. Reports have been circulating on social media about scammers pretending to be SASSA agents. The scammers promise beneficiaries that they can swop their SASSA cards for food vouchers. 

The scammers would take the real cards from SASSA beneficiaries and give them fake cards. KwaZulu-Natal SASSA spokesperson Sandy Godlwana has urged SASSA beneficiaries to beware of the scam and beware of people visiting their homes promising one thing in exchange for another.




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