R350 Grant Has Not Been Extended, says SASSA

Every week there's a fake message floating around trying to scam SASSA beneficiaries. Now, SASSA has had to clarify whether news of an extension to the R350 grant is real or not.


SASSA has now emphasised that the R350 grant has ended after fake news was circulating that there was a new 'Phase 4 Covid-19 Relief Fund Grant'.

The message spreading on social media said, "Apply for the Government Phase 4 Covid-19 Relief Fund Grant provided by the government. Hurry up! It only takes a few seconds to apply. Don't miss this opportunity".

This message was then followed by the words 'Apply here' and provided a link for those interested to click on. 

These types of messages appeal to vulnerable individuals who are desperate for any type of financial relief and with many South Africans calling for the grant to be extended, many would then fall for this.

SASSA then took to social media and made the following clear:

SASSA warns the public against the below fake poster doing the rounds on social media platforms. The information is false and does NOT come from SASSA. The special COVID-19 SRD grant has ended in April 2021.

Members of the public are cautioned from visiting or providing their personal information to the website link provided and it is best to just ignore and scroll pass these types of messages if they aren't coming from SASSA directly.

If you want to make sure that a message is directly from SASSA, you can contact SASSA to confirm if it's legit. 

SASSA has an anti-fraud strategy to crack down on criminals and anyone trying to take advantage of beneficiaries.  

SASSA CEO, Totsie Memela said as part of the anti-fraud strategy, SASSA is working with the justice system to crack down on attempts of fraud and theft. 

We have adopted a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and will stop at nothing to root it out at first sight, so criminals, be warned.

Members of the public are encouraged to report cases of corruption to the anti-corruption hotline on 0800 43 43 73.


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