Over 300 000 Gauteng School Applications Have Been Processed So Far

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The Gauteng Department of Education has received a massive influx of school applications for Grades One and Eight. Parents are reminded to apply on time, as well as to familiarize themselves with the online system.

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The Gauteng Department of Education has proudly announced that over 300 000 school applications have been processed since the opening of the applications period for the 2024 academic year. 

According to the GDE, 

A total of 300 907 Grade 1 and 8 Online Admissions applications have been successfully processed to date since the start of the application period on Thursday, 15 June 2023. 

The system saw a massive influx of online applications, as the first few days are the busiest and when most parents/guardians submit their child's application. 

The application period will close on 14 July 2023 at midnight, giving parents/guardians a month to ensure that applications are submitted on time.

Late applications make the process challenging for the GDE, and often leads to unwanted results, such as learners being placed in schools that were not their first choice. 

Each year, there are difficulties experienced by parents/guardians when attempting to send in applications and register online.

Complaints have routinely arisen every year, since the introduction and implementation of the online applications system, even if they've applied on time along with all the necessary documents. 

Several parents expressed their concerns earlier this year (2023), when the system failed to allocate placements for some learners in a timely manner for the current academic period. 

The Department has attributed this yearly challenge to the system becoming backlogged due to the influx of applications received each other. 

For this current application period, Gauteng Education MEC, Matome Chiloane says the process is "so far, so good," and that the Department is not anticipating system glitches this year.

This year, officially, we [the GDE] can announce that there was no glitches at all since the system went live at eight o'clock [on 15 June] until now.

To access the admissions online application system, parents will need to visit the official Gauteng Department of Education Admissions website via www.gdeadmissions.gov.za.

This can be done on any smartphone or computer device. Once you have accessed the admissions homepage, you need to register a profile to begin the five-step application process.

Applicants must make sure to use ONE viable cellphone number when applying or registering, as important information regarding their application will be communicated via SMS. 

Documents Required When Applying for Grades One and Eight 

  • Parent and child ID or passport
  • Refugee permit
  • Asylum seeker permit
  • Permanent Resident permit
  • Study permit
  • South African Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Home Address
  • Proof of Work Address
  • Latest Grade 7 school report (Grade 8 applicants only)
  • Clinic Card/Immunisation Report (Grade 1 applicants only)

All documents should be submitted within seven days of applying, either online or physically at the selected school(s) during the application period. 


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