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If you plan to travel internationally then you will have to obtain a passport issued by the national government for international travel which certifies your identity and nationality. Here is how to apply for your passport online.

When you apply for a South African passport it will be valid for 10 years from the date of issue and it is not renewable. After your South African passport expires you will have to complete a new application to obtain a new passport. You are able to use the secure online booking system provided by the Department of Home Affairs for passport renewals.

Birth Certificate

In order to apply for a passport you must have a South African identity document or if you are a child then you must have a birth certificate. They will tell you if on a rare occasion you need any other supporting documents.

While you will still need to visit a Home Affairs passport offices near you to complete your biometrics data, you can begin your passport application online by doing the following on the online booking system: 

  1. Visit the eHomeAffairs website. 
  2. Register by creating a profile with your personal information. 
  3. You will need to answer security questions and create a password for this account and passport application. 
  4. A one-time pin (OTP) will then be sent to your cellphone to confirm your phone number. Enter it in and click submit.
  5. You will then receive another OTP, which you will use to login to your profile.
  6. After you log in, fill in the application form for a passport and upload the supporting documents. 
  7. After you have registered you must enter your bank account details on the website in order to pay for the passport. The cost for a passport is currently R600. 
  8. To complete the payment for the passport you must make use of internet banking to authorize the payment.

Once the Department of Home Affairs has registered your payment you will be able to proceed with your biometrics data for your online passport application which can be done at either Home Affairs passport offices or a Home Affairs-equipped bank branch

Biometrics Data

The biometrics data for your online passport application includes two thumbprints, a photo and your signature. 

If you opt to visit Home Affairs you do not need to make an appointment. You can just visit your local Home Affairs offices as they all accept passport application - just be sure to take your ID document along with you. You will be asked to take your photo at the Home Affairs passport office on the day that you attend.

Book At Home Affairs Enabled Bank Branch

If you live in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria then you can make an appointment for your passport biometrics at your local bank branch after your payment to the Department of Home Affairs has been registered. You will be able to choose a time slot and will then be sent a confirmation via secure email and SMS. 

Make a booking at one of the Home Affairs offices enabled Bank Branches on the ehome affairs website. You must take your ID document, birth certificate, and confirmation email or SMS with you when visiting your local bank branch for your biometrics appointment - when they will also take your photo. 

Book At Your Local Home Affairs

Once you’re done with your online passport application, submitting your supporting documents and paying the fee, exit that website and go to

Fill in your identity type and your ID number to log in. Then, fill in the required information and click on ‘Confirm’. The reference number would have been sent to you after you finished your application.

Then, click on ‘schedule appointment’ and follow the prompts online to book your passport appointment at a bank or Home Affairs office.


When To Collect You Passport

Once your data has been collected through either booking method, you will receive a notification when your passport is ready for collection at the Home Affairs or bank branch where your secure biometrics were captured. 

You have 90 days from the date you recorded your biometrics to collect your South African passport. After the 90 days have lapsed your application will automatically be cancelled and you will have to start the process again to apply online for a passport.

Don't forget that you can also apply for a Smart ID card from South African Home Affairs.


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