ANC Youth League Calls For R4,500 Grant For Unemployed Graduates

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In a plea to bridge the gap of unemployment in the country, the ANC Youth League has called on the government to introduce a monthly grant for unemployed graduates, saying this will help them on their search for employment. 

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The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) president Collen Malatji says unemployed graduates should be given a monthly grant of R4,500. Malatji was speaking as the ANC Youth League celebrated its 79th anniversary in KwaMhlanga over the weekend. 

We are calling upon the ANC-led government to increase and introduce an unemployment grant.

He adds, "We are saying while young people are still looking for opportunities, there must be a grant that is provided for them to be able move around and look for those opportunities," Malatji said.

Malatji further noted that the current R350 Social Relief Distress Grant should be increased to R1,500 per month.  "While we are still looking for solutions, the R350 must be increased to R1,500 until those issues are resolved,” he explains.

Unemployed graduates must be paid R4,500 a month, the youth looking for other opportunities must be paid R1,500 a month until the unemployment [issues] are resolved.

ANC on Sassa Grant Payment Crisis

The ANC issued a statement on Sunday noting concerns about the “crisis engulfing the South African Social Security Agency” in the disbursement of social grants. This comes after many desperate Sassa grant beneficiaries struggled to withdraw funds due to Postbank's technical glitches during last week's scheduled Sassa grant payment dates.

Hundreds of beneficiaries were left with no other option but to sleep over at Sassa grant payment sites, as they could not afford to commute back home as a result of the delays. Others said they were forced to take out loans because they have not been able to access their grant money.

Beneficiaries raised concerns frustrated and desperate as they were unable to buy necessities such as food or electricity.

The ANC added their voice to outrage over the situation, calling it gravely concerning, and said it would move to “ensure a speedy resolution of this crisis”.

We assure the nation the ANC will provide leadership in resolving the crisis in this critical moment of need.

The party said it condemns acts that impugn upon the dignity of the people and offend against the constitution, leaving millions in hunger and unimaginable suffering saying, "we will update the nation on our interventions to ensure a speedy resolution of this crisis".

Who should be held responsisble?

Meanwhile, human rights activism group, Black Sash is holding government accountable for the technical glitches Postbank experienced when paying social grants to Sassa beneficiaries.

Thandi Henkeman, Regional Manager of Black Sash in the Western and Northern Cape says while Postbank is at the face of all of the issues, the responsibility lies with the Department of Social Development (DSD) who has the obligation to protect and fulfil the rights to social assistance.

She added, “It's imperative that we hold them [Department of Social Development] accountable to ensure that beneficiaries receive their grants in full and timeously and with dignity.”

The group says they worry that there was a failure by the DSD and Sassa, prior to partnering with Postbank, to do proper due diligence to determine whether Postbank had the capacity, expertise, and infrastructure to administer the payment of social grants.

There is a constitutional obligation to provide social assistance and so it falls on the Department of Social Development to ensure that social assistance is enjoyed by beneficiaries.

From the start Black Sash expressed scepticism about the SA Post Office’s capacity and infrastructure to pay grants. Last week’s debacle has justified those concerns.

Black Sash said the Minister of the DSD and SASSA must urgently deal with technical challenges with SAPO and Postbank to avoid future payout delays.

The group has encouraged beneficiaries who are still experiencing issues to call, SMS, or WhatsApp their helpline number on 072 663 3739 or 063 610 1865 or send an email to [email protected]

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The technical glitch on Postbank’s payment system left thousands of social grant beneficiaries across the country without their social grant payouts last week. Government has been urged to step in to avoid future issues with grant payments. 


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