I Failed Matric, Now What? Here Are Your Options

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Failing matric can be devasting for many and often students think they have no other choice than to give up their studies or go work at a place where they can get in. We have compiled a list of alternatives for all matriculants who have failed matric but still wish to make a success.

The most important thing to realise after you have failed matric is that even though it may be tough to stand up after you've been knocked down, but bad results are not the end of the road, and that there are still many options to get back on track.

There are many options open to learners who failed matric, but who are determined to still earn their National Senior Certificate.

What can I do if I fail my grade 12?

Check out the options below:

  • You can do the supplementary examinations
  • You are able to send your examination papers for either a re-mark or re-check
  • Returning to school and re-registering for matric
  • Registering at another school to complete matric
  • Completing matric via distance learning

Finishing your secondary education is recommended and enables so much more opportunities for you than you would otherwise have missed out on. It is important to remember that your marks should not break you and they also do not determine your outcome. 

Remember that no matter what, it is important that you learn from your failure and that you keep on persisting. 

Check out our article on "Second Chance For Matrics To Re-Write Or Upgrade Subjects" which explains how you can apply to re-write or upgrade your matric subjects.

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