How Can I Make My Matric Year Successful?

How Can I Make My Matric Year Successful and enjoy it?

Being a grade 12 learner will probably be one of the most memorable and challenging years of your life, here's how to get through it in one piece.

The matric year is a bittersweet experience. There is the excitement of finishing school and deciding on a career path. The prospect of greater independence and freedom as well as the stress brought on by more responsibility and higher expectations. Here are some of the major issues you will face in your final year of school and how to deal with it:

Final Exams

If your end-of-year exams haven't given you sleepless nights already you are one of the lucky ones. The only way to ensure that you don't lose your mind during the final quarter of the year is to prepare. You can do this by working through past papers or getting the latest study tips here

Matric Ball

This event is simply meant to be a farewell to your schooling days but the pressure to look a certain way can lead to unnecessary stress. Add to that the financial burden, time and energy needed to plan your night and you can easily forget why you agreed to go in the first place. Before you jump in to planning mode get some perspective about the event and what matters to you. Think about how you will feel after the night is done before you make any major decisions.

Applying for University

With everything else going on it might be tempting to put this off but that could lead to disappointment later on. Most university applications open in June so look into your course options and gather your application documents before then. Applying early is critical as universities have a limited capacity and once it is reached you won't be able to get in, even if you pass with flying colours. 

Family Expectations

The pressure to perform well in your final year may seem unbearable but your grades or performance don't define you. If you study hard and do the best you can you won't have any regrets about the outcome. Expect to be asked about your future plans, a lot. These questions will come hard and fast from well meaning friends and family members. Don't feel inadequate if you can't answer them all. Keep in mind that exploring your career options and deciding what you want to do with your life is an ongoing journey.

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