Matric Exam Rewrite, Remark Or Recheck: Which One Is Best For You?


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Matric exams are important, as a lot of future decisions are riding on the results you’ll get. It can often feel discouraging to not get the marks you ideally want, but matric rewrites, re-marks and re-checks can be the answer. 

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The Department of Basic Education offers matric rechecks, remarks and rewrites for exam candidates. While these might seem the same, they are different and priced differently

Before making your choice, it’s important to understand the difference between these three options so you can make the best decision for you. 

Matric exam recheck

An exam recheck is the process of counting marks, and checking that all marks in the exam have been accounted for. The possible outcomes include: 

  1. The exam mark staying the same if everything is in order
  2. The exam mark being higher than the original mark if marks were not correctly added up 
  3. The exam mark being lower than the original mark if marks were not correctly allocated 

Matric exam remark

We all know just how much it sucks to be 1% away from a simple pass or a distinction.

A matric remark will give you the opportunity to have your exam script remarked. This means your answers for each question will be rechecked and evaluated. 

The outcome of this will determine whether your marks increase, decrease or stay the same. 

Matric exam rewrite 

If you’re hoping for a chance to get better marks, a matric rewrite gives you the chance to do so. 

Unlike the option to remark or recheck, a matric rewrite gives you the ability to retake the exam. This means, you can revisit topics that you did not do well in and potentially score higher marks. 

You will receive a new exam paper, and will likely be tested on similar topics that were covered in the original paper. 

However, the content you will be questioned on in the rewrite is not guaranteed to be the same as the first exam, so it is advised to study well and be as prepared as possible. 

It’s important to keep in mind that improved marks are not guaranteed. Whether you choose a remark, rewrite or recheck, this is all done at your own risk, understanding that your exam marks will either improve, be worse than before or stay the same. 



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