Life After Matric: University Or TVET College?


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There are many options of what life after matric could look like, and this includes possibly choosing between studying at a university or a TVET college. These both offer different learning experiences and opportunities, giving you much to consider before making your final choice. 

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It’s all in the name; the TVET in TVET college stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. In simple terms, this means TVET colleges give students practical learning experience in addition to theoretical learning experience. 

This is unlike universities, which are widely known to give students plenty of theoretical learning, but not much practical experience. 

These are just the first of many differences, which can be good or bad, depending on what you want to gain from your learning experience. 

TVET Colleges

TVET colleges offer a hands-on approach with practical learning experience. This gives students a chance to gain skills that are industry-relevant. 

In addition to this, South Africa has a growing skills demand, which the government hopes to address by employing students who are equipped with the kind of skills training that TVET colleges offer

While there are pros to attending a TVET college, the qualifications offered by these institutions are often looked down upon by society. This creates a stigma that TVET qualifications are less prestigious than university qualifications. 

Part of this belief is partly based on the fact that TVET colleges offer courses to accommodate students who might not have completed matric. This is in contrast to universities, which require students to pass matric and have a matric qualification as a minimum requirement for entry.  

Another aspect which contributes to the stigma against TVET colleges, is the fact that they are funded by the government and often face certain limitations. This is unlike universities, which can receive private funding, allowing them to make more investments in infrastructure and other aspects of university culture. 


The education offered at universities is often focused on theory and other aspects of academia and research.   

Tuition fees are often higher than TVET colleges, and the duration of most university qualifications could take a longer time period to complete. 

Because part of the minimum requirement for university is a matric qualification, this can make universities a competitive academic ground. 

Universities are also seen as prestigious because of the selection process for students to secure entry, as well as the minimum requirements for admission. 

Before deciding between attending a university or a TVET college, it’s important to consider other factors, such as the job market and the types of qualifications and skills needed for the career path you hope to embark on. 

If you’re unsure, asking for help from a mentor or career guidance counsellor can go a long way in helping you put things into perspective before making the right choice for you. 

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