What A Day At A Beauty Salon Is Like

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The spa and skin care industry is to this day one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, and is supported daily by a variety of customers. Although some services offered in salons and spas may overlap, each offers a unique experience for customers.

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What's better than a pampering day at the salon, let alone a spa? For many, this experience is something they only experience once in their lives, but then there is a group of people who see this service as important, enriching and as essential self-care.

They also know that visiting a salon is not just about pampering, but investing in your physical and mental future.

People who have visited more than one salon, clinic or spa will know that no two businesses are the same.

Let's quickly take one puzzle off the table: salon or clinic, what's the difference? There is no difference. It is the choice of the business owner which name is used- so it is a play on words that fits in with the image that the company wants to project.

Spas and salons are sometimes dramatically different from each other, and it is important to understand the similarities and differences between the two in order to make the right treatment choice for yourself. Feel free to ask, therapists are happy to explain and tell you!

But what does a visit to a professional salon entail, specifically? First, a professional salon offers a variety of treatments that can pamper you from head to toe. A salon does not offer water treatments with facilities such as a heated swimming pool, sauna, steam room, hot tubs or hydrotherapy rooms - you will find these at the spa.

Secondly, a professional salon does not necessarily include the medical aesthetic treatments, so your reason for your visit must first be figured out to ensure that you are at the right salon. The professional, well-trained therapist should be able to give you this answer with a few questions.

If it's your first time at a salon, there are a few clues you can look for to give you peace of mind that you're going to be in good hands.

You are received like a well-known acquaintance; the reception staff greets you with a smile and confirms your name and the treatment(s) for which you have made the appointment. You will then be escorted to a comfortable seating area where you will then fill in your customer consent form, and it is even less just a summary of your medical history.

The client map is the route map that the therapist uses to get you safely to your destination - the reason you are there.

A large variety of treatments can be offered, and can vary from a regular or specialized manicure and/or pedicure, anti-aging facials, skin problems and blemishes, chemical peels, body massages, head massages, body polish and body masks, and much more!

Treatments are results-driven and focus on treating the unique conditions of each client - whether it's a skin condition, a headache, a sleepless night or simply being tired from running around.

So what now? The therapist who is responsible for you will accompany you to the treatment room and first have a comfortable conversation with you to ensure that the information on the client card is all filled in correctly and completely.

The therapist must make sure that your goal for the day can be achieved - and therefore it must be well thought out. The therapist will then give you a clear plan that will be followed for the day's treatment.

All treatments begin with an analysis, whether face, body or toes, of the area to be worked on. The information is added to the client card for record keeping purposes, to record progress with future treatments, record home products, and note any contingencies.

This card is valuable for a therapist who wants to walk a path with a client!

The therapist in a professional salon will have access to quality products, machines and devices that are used to address the client's concerns. The therapist is always going to recommend home care products with ingredients that will give the best results.

Yes, a therapist who does not also see the role of educator will never achieve the full goal with the client.

When your visit is over, take one big breath and exhale calmly before you walk out the door, your battery is charged again!

Beauty, Scientific Skincare and Wellness can be an exciting career choice

In the past, there were not many options for young people in the beauty industry to consider and the profession mainly focused on beauty treatments that took care of the client's basic grooming and appearance.

Fortunately, the industry has also grown and the focus is now not only on practical training, but also on academia and theory, including business management subjects to encourage entrepreneurship.

The advancement in technology allows therapists to achieve meaningful results in skin and wellness.

Where can I study in this field?

Isa Carstens Academy was founded in 1978, and with 45 years in business, this Academy is South Africa's most respected and prestigious beauty academy, offering qualifications and short courses. Isa Carstens Academy's courses are accredited by the Council of Higher Education and have campuses in Pretoria and Stellenbosch.

The Academy offers the following full-time qualifications:

  • Higher Certificate in Office Administration. SAQA ID: 111453
  • A Diploma in Somatology. SAQA ID: 83046
  • An Advanced Diploma in Dermal Aesthetics. SAQA ID: 97898

Short Courses are ideal for those who can only study part-time and need a more cost-effective solution.

Accommodation is available on both campuses.

Visit the Isa Carstens Academy website for more information.

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Choosing the right educational path is crucial, considering the varying levels of qualifications in the beauty therapy and medical aesthetics sectors. Key considerations before enrolling include career goals, financial means, and academic capabilities.

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