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Isa Carstens Academy strives, with integrity, to provide the highest professional standard of education and training to ensure that they develop highly skilled and employable graduates. They offer a variety of courses as well as many short courses for their students.

There are two campuses, one in Stellenbosch and another in Pretoria. Accommodation is available near both campuses.

Choosing the right educational path is crucial, considering the varying levels of qualifications in the beauty therapy and medical aesthetics sectors. Key considerations before enrolling include career goals, financial means, and academic capabilities.

Qualifications range from lower NQF levels for skills-oriented treatments such as manicures, pedicures, make-up, basic skincare, massage, and hair removal to higher levels for advanced procedures such as Somatology or Advanced Aesthetic Therapy, where the more advanced treatments pose a higher risk of complications and require more accountability from the therapist.

At the Isa Carstens® Academy, detailed career discussions are held with applicants before finalising an application to ensure that the candidate chooses the best feasible option for their needs.

As the leader in our industry for over 45 years, the Isa Carstens® Academy offer courses that ensure a high employability rate and has met the standards of the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Isa Carstens Courses:

  • Higher Certificate in Front Office Administration
  • Diploma in Somatology
  • Advanced Diploma in Dermal Aesthetic

Isa Carstens Academy Fees:

Consult the website and view the Isa Carstens student portal for information regarding fees. Information about any Isa Carstens Academy bursaries that may be available will be listed there.

Isa Carstens Academy Campuses:

  • Pretoria
  • Stellenbosch


Consult the website for information regarding the application process.


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