Nedbank Toll Free Number

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Nedbank has a range of banking solutions on offer for their clients. If you need to get a hold of Nebank, here are some numbers you can contact.

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At Nedbank, the following solutions through their frontline clusters, Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking, Nedbank Retail and Business Banking, Nedbank Wealth and Nedbank Africa Regions:

A wide range of wholesale and retail banking services.
A growing insurance, asset management and wealth management offering. 

Nedbank Toll Free Number: 0860 555 111

Nedbank Contact Centre
0860 555 111  
International dialling: +27 11 710 4000

Lost and Stolen Cards
0800 110 929  
International dialling: +27 11 710 4330

Personal Relationship Banking
0860 555 222 
International dialling: 0860 555 222

General Contacts
SAA Voyager Credit Card
0861 263 464  
International dialling: +27 31 371 5098 

American Express®

Platinum Lifestyle Services
0800 004 244 
International dialling: +27 11 710 4735

Gold Card
0860 102 194 
International dialling: +27 11 710 4040 

Green Card
0860 102 193
International dialling: +27 11 710 4041 

Credit Card
0860 119 966 
International dialling: +27 11 710 4750

Client Complaint Helpline
0860 444 000
International dialling: +27 11 710 4011 

0860 ASKONCE (275 6623 )  

Small Business Services (annual turnover up to R7,5 million)  
0860 116 400

Global Trade Centre
0860 797 797

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