Harvard Referencing Style

The Harvard referencing style is used to give credit to sources. Each work or source referred to in your written work is given an in-text reference and an entry in the Reference list at the end of the document.


Harvard referencing style

The Harvard referencing style of referencing is a system for providing in-text citations to sources, usually at the end of sentences. The most common way to refer to this style is with the abbreviation "Harvard". This author-date system is often used for history essays or any writing that requires the citation.

Referencing can be done by citing or quoting. If you quote, it should be clear that it is a quotation.

Referencing has a number of benefits, including demonstrating the breadth and depth of your research. It also acknowledges that other people have researched your topic, meaning that you aren't wasting time on things that have been already been discovered. In short, referencing is necessary for an academic assignment to do well as it show that you've taken from other sources and used their work in support of yours.

Referencing allows you to reference other people's thinking and ideas in your work and offer credit where it is due. It also demonstrates the breadth and depth of your research and acknowledges the contributions of other scholars. You should always reference when you use someone else's idea or example!

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