What is Artificial Intelligence?

Society is now moving into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and you must have head about AI or artificial intelligence before. Explore Data Science Academy stepped in and helped us understand what artificial intelligence is.


What exactly is Artificial Intelligence? Is it robots? You might have heard about it and been a little confused. Well, Shaun Dippnall, CEO of Explore Data Science Academy (EDSA), sat down with Careers Portal to explain what artificial intelligence is.

EDSA offers full-time, part-time and NANO qualifications as well as various short courses. They teach Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning and related skills to equip people for lucrative careers of the future.

AI was born in the 50s by Professor Minsky at  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Back then, it was defined as machines or systems which could perform human tasks and it was simple.

With AI, you create decision pathways and you're basically telling the machine what to do.

Machine learning and Neural networks are parts of AI. Machine learning emerged in the 80s and involves building machines that can learn themselves. At it's essence, it's programmes that can learn on their own over time.

As for those who are afraid of machines taking over, Dippnall says that it's definitely valid that we might have this fear. He says that we should then be conscious and aware of the machines we're building and make sure we're building them for the right reasons.

This is then related to the work EDSA does. Studying with EDSA equips you to solve difficult problems in any context using the latest advances in Data Science and related fields. EDSA leverages the power of AI for organisational decision-making.

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