What are the advantages of a data-driven society?

EXPLORE is a global, cutting edge Data Science Academy which offers various courses. They've given us some insight into the advantages behind a data-driven society.


Shaun Dippnall, CEO of Explore Data Science Academy (EDSA), sat down with Careers Portal to explain the advantages of a data-driven society.

EDSA is a global, cutting edge Data Science Academy which teaches Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning and related skills to equip people for lucrative careers of the future.

In a time where having valuable and reliable information and basing our decisions on them are of utmost importance, EDSA believes that a data-driven society is the way to go.

"You can use these algorithms and tools in a subtley negative way", said Dippnall in explaining that people sometimes optimise data in ways that aren't sustainable or the right thing.

He therefore believes that using data is a powerful thing and you can use it in any part of your life. Look at the facts and making a decision based off of factual information is good idea rather than a subjective blind guess, he explained.

A data-driven society could then see you making better decisions, not only for you but your community as well and would benefit you in the long run.

EDSA prides themelves on their innovative, practical and real-world-readiness approach to learning.

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