Is There A Bridging Course For Teaching At Unisa?

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The University of South Africa is well known for providing students with equal opportunities and access to higher education. A bridging course at Unisa can be your second chance at pursuing your ideal career. 

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Want to study teaching but did not meet the necessary admission requirements at your chosen tertiary institution?

Do not be discouraged, Unisa offers bridging courses in teaching that can help you on your journey to becoming an educator.

At Unisa, bridging courses are University-Preparation courses that will ultimately help you in your desired course of study. These courses are usually introductory level courses, so the duration can range from six months to one year. 

A bridging course in teaching at Unisa can equip you with the necessary tools and skills that will prepare you for enrollment at a tertiary institution. 

Below is a list of bridging courses in teaching offered at Unisa:

Group A: Compulsory

  1. AFL1501 – Language Through an African Lens
  2. BPT1501 – Being a Professional Teacher
  3. CAD1501 – Child and Adolescent Development
  4. DPP1501 – Diversity, Pedagogy, and Practice
  5. EST1501 – Academic Proficiency in English for student Teachers
  6. EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions
  7. INS1502 – Developing Information Skills for Lifelong Learning
  8. PSC1501 – Practical Science for the Classroom

Group B: Choose 2 modules from the same subject field.

  1. ATH1501 – Art and Handwork
  2. GCS1501 – Guidance, Counselling, and Life Skills Development
  3. GRT1501 – Introduction to Grade R Teaching
  4. IED1501 – Introduction to Environmental Education
  5. MTE1501 – Mathematics 1 for Teachers
  6. MTE1502 – Mathematics 2 for Teachers
  7. SCC1501 – Science for the Classroom 1
  8. SCC1502 – Science for the Classroom 2
  9. TEC1501 – Technology 1 for the classroom
  10. TEC1502 – Technology 2 for the classroom

Before you decide on which courses to enrol in, it is important to ensure that each course you take will assist you in achieving your final objectives. It is best to do research on the above mentioned courses because it will help you select courses that are aligned with your desired choice of study.

For more information on bridging courses for teaching at Unisa visit their official website. 


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