Nyari Samushonga, WeThinkCode_ CEO, shares what inspired her to start coding

Interested in a career in software development and coding? Nyari Samushonga, CEO of WeThinkCode_, shared with Careers Portal what inspired her to start coding.


WeThinkCode_ offers coding courses and if you're interested in building a career in coding and software development, you should definitely consider them.

Nyari Samushonga, CEO of WeThinkCode_, shared with Careers Portal what inspired her to start coding.

WeThinkCode_ is a software development academy which recruits South African youth, between 17 and 35 years of age, to get to learn how to code.

Samushonga was an Accountant before she dove deep into the coding world. She says this gave her experience in different industries but as a Auditor, "it was a very regulatory thing" which at some point she no longer felt a spark with it.

I wanted to create. I wanted to part of making the things that solve problems and I kind of stumbled upon it.

The WeThinkCode_ CEO started her careers in coding at 30 years old after not being sure what she would do after leaving Accountancy. 

She then got introduced to a software consulting company and after this, she then thought it would be great to live a life where she has the ability to make solutions to problems she comes across.

Coding also allowed her to still work in any kind of environment and industry, as Accountancy once did. She says this meant she wasn't boxed in. 

Samushonga then went on to work in many different industries, from banks to trade unions and now an educational institutional.

All of it is still very much about software and it's still about solving problems. That's what excites me about it.

She is also able to see the impact the work she does have on a daily basis.

"People should really look at this opportunity and see what it can do for them and subsequently, what they can do for others with the skill set that they get."

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