Documents Needed When Applying For School

Certain documents are required when applying for school, however, many parents may be confused as to which documents they need. Well, here is what they need to know.


Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children are registered at a school and that they attend school regularly.

Registrations should be done before the end of the current school year if the child needs to be enrolled the following year.

When registering, parents will need the following documents:

  • Application form from the school
  • Official birth certificate or child’s ID (Baptism certificates will not be regarded as proof of birth date)
  • Immunization card (primary schools only)
  • Transfer card and latest school report (If the child is moving from one school to another)

Non-South African citizens need to include the following additional documents:

  • Study permit
  • Temporary or permanent residence permit or proof that you have applied for permission to stay in South Africa.

Application forms may be collected from the schools.

Each province has its own school registration deadline which is why parents are reminded to check the registration deadlines for their province.

Parents may register their children at schools that are close to their home or place of employment. 

It is the parent or guardian’s choice where they would like to register their child, whether it is a public or independent school. Public schools are controlled by the government and independent schools are privately governed. 

Independent schools need to be registered with the Provincial Education Department. Whereas public schools should be established by the MEC for education in the province.

Parents may check the Provincial Education Department website to see if the school they hope to enrol their child at is registered before they make any registrations and payments.

Click here to visit the Provincial Education Department website.


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