Here Are The TVET College Courses And Requirements

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With 50 Technical Vocational Education and Training colleges located across the country, studying at a TVET college is definitely worth considering.

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TVET colleges are part of the South African education system that combines education, training, and skills development, as they offer a wide variety of courses that students can enrol in.

TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. A TVET college is an educational institution that provides technical and vocational training to students who are seeking hands-on, practical skills in a specific trade or profession.

TVET College Courses and Requirements

TVET colleges offer a wide range of courses in fields such as engineering, information technology, business studies, agriculture, hospitality and tourism. The courses typically focus on providing practical training and skills development that prepare students for employment in their chosen field.

tvet college courses

TVET College Courses

There are two main types of TVET college qualifications. The National Certificate Vocational known as NCV and Report 191 Programmes also known as NATED programmes which range from N1 to N6.

These qualifications are offered in courses that range from agriculture, arts and crafts to business management and administration.

tvet college courses

TVET Courses offered at TVET colleges:

  1. Primary Agriculture
  2. Primary Health
  3. Civil Engineering and Building Construction
  4. Drawing Office Practice
  5. Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  6. Engineering and Related Design
  7. Finance, Economics and Accounting
  8. Hospitality
  9. Education and Development
  10. Information Technology and Computer Science
  11. Management
  12. Marketing
  13. Mechatronics
  14. Office Administration
  15. Process Instrumentation
  16. Process Plant Operations
  17. Safety in Society
  18. Tourism

Most students enrol at a TVET college because they wish to pursue a career in a certain trade or skills related career. 

Higher Certificate Courses Offered at TVET Colleges

You can study Higher Certificate courses offered at TVET Colleges which offer a good qualification in a subject area which is at a lower level on the NQF but is easier to acquire and cheaper for students. This can be a good entry level and can be built on at a later stage to advance your career. 

Requirements to study at TVET colleges:

  1. Be at least 16 years or older
  2. NC(V): Have a Grade 9 Qualification or ABET level 4 certificate
  3. Report 191 NATED: Have a matric certificate or be completing matric

Although the minimum requirement for enrolment at a TVET college is a grade 9 pass, certain courses do require you to have obtained a matric certificate.

TVET college courses are best if you are someone who prefers practical work over theory, however some courses cover both practical and theoretical aspects of learning.

Head to our list of TVET Colleges in South Africa to find out more about TVET Colleges.

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Classes at TVET colleges around South Africa have begun for the 2023 academic year. The administration processes  of these colleges are expected to be improved after the Minister of Higher Education revealed plans for the upcoming academic year.



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