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A great bursary geared towards missing middle students is the ISFAP bursary. It has also been announced that NSFAS is going to be offering a student loan scheme for missing middle students.

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It is estimated that South Africa’s 26 universities are owed more than R16.5 billion in student debt. Many students cannot afford their tuition fees and do not qualify for bursaries. These students can however benefit from Feenix.

Missing middle students are encouraged to apply for the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme bursary. These bursaries are comprehensive and funds students on their way to getting a university degree.

The South African Union of Students have called on higher education institutions to allow missing middle students to register as many will not be able to afford to pay registration fees upfront. 

Have you applied for an ISFAP bursary and you want to track your application? Keep reading to find out how to check your ISFAP application status.

Student debt is only one of the issues we need fixing in the higher education system. The Department of Higher Education is said to be working on it, will we ever see any solutions being presented?

The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, what we know as ISFAP, offers bursaries to missing middle students. Here's what's needed to stay funded by ISFAP.

We've heard the term 'missing middle' come up frequently when speaking about higher education and funding but what does it mean? Sifanele Biyela, Regional Project Manager at Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, explains what the 'missing middle' is.

Sifanele Biyela, Regional Project Manager at Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, had a chat with Careers Portal where we gained insight into who they are and what they do. ISFAP provides bursaries so if you're looking for financial aid, this might be for you.

Due to NSFAS having insufficient funds earlier this year, they then had to reallocate funds within the department. Unfortunately, this has now lead to other areas of the department facing the consequences.

The issue of missing middle funding, along with postgraduate funding, is ongoing. The Minister of Higher Education is now pushing for NSFAS to introduce a loan scheme to support these categories of students.

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