ISFAP provides bursaries to deserving students who meet the requirements. Requirements for ISFAP entails coming from households with an annual income falling between R0 and R600 000 and being registered at the universities and courses that ISFAP partners with. 

Who Does ISFAP Fund?

ISFAP funding is there to provide financial funding to lower-income students and those who fall into the “missing middle" and struggle to pay their tuition fees.

ISFAP provides funding for any South African citizen who qualifies based on financial need as well as academic performance. 

Part of the bursary is that you get various forms of an ISFAP monthly allowance, including covering your tuition costs. ISFAP bursary allowance is a great help to students with ISFAP offering other social support services and Life Skills Training to their students as well.

What Courses Does ISFAP Fund?

Some examples of courses that ISFAP funds include; Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering bachelor degree, Electrical Engineering bachelor degree, Actuarial Science bachelor degrees, and many more. Even courses such as mechanical engineering bachelor degrees, computer engineering bachelor degrees and civil engineering bachelor degrees are covered by the ISFAP bursary.

The ISFAP closing date is usually at the end of October, with applications often opening a few months earlier.

Our ISFAP Playlist On YouTube

For additional information on ISFAP funding, you can visit our ISFAP playlist on the Careers Portal YouTube channel where we spoke with ISFAP about the financial funding they provide to South African students who fall under the missing middle.

In our videos we discuss who ISFAP is, the ISFAP application process, what they do, the difference between ISFAP and NSFAS, how to track your ISFAP application, how ISFAP funding works and so much more!

On this page, Careers Portal brings you all the ISFAP information you may need such as ISFAP login, ISFAP student portal login, the ISFAP application process, qualifying criteria, the courses and institutions they fund and the ISFAP consent form.

We also give you guidance on how to submit your ISFAP bursary application, as well as information about whether or not they will fund your postgraduate studies.

Keep scrolling to find out all you need to know about ISFAP bursaries and how to get your application status update.

How To Get Your ISFAP Application Status Update

Students would have had to create a profile on the applyonline site to apply for funding for the academic year. This site then allows you to log in and check your application status to see if you qualify based on the information you gave as well as the steps remaining to complete your application for social support.


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The cost of tertiary education can often prevent students from achieving their academic goals. Students who require funding are encouraged to check out the ISFAP bursary. 

Obtaining a tertiary education qualification requires significant effort and financial investment. This is where the ISFAP bursary comes in to help.

Postgraduate studies can be expensive. ISFAP has opened 2025 postgraduate bursary applications for the 2025 academic year.  

The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, which we also know as ISFAP, has now opened bursary applications for the 2025 academic year. ISFAP provides bursaries to missing middle students who want to study towards an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification.

Tuition fees, registration fees, transport, accommodation, textbooks, and learning materials are just some of the things students have to pay for when embarking on a journey to obtaining a degree. ISFAP offers a bursary that will cover all these costs allowing students to focus on their studies. 

If you are planning on studying further and you need a bursary, you should definitely check out the bursary offered by the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP). 2024 bursary applications are open but will be closing soon.

There are various forms of financial assistance available for those who wish to pursue tertiary education but are in need of funding to do so. If you are struggling to find a way to fund your studies, here are some financial service providers that offer financial assistance you may wish to consider.


The cost associated with getting a degree is not affordable for many students in South Africa. While the government does provide bursaries to students for disadvantaged backgrounds, not all students that require funding receive it.


Bursaries offered by the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme are a great way to start your studies and are available every year. The ISFAP bursary bridges the funding gap which is seen in missing middle students.

Are you part of the missing middle and you're looking for a bursary? The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme has your back. They provide bursaries that go beyond just your fees.

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