What To Do About 'NSFAS Registered' Sassa SRD Status

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With the second cycle of the R350 grant still in full swing, chances are, you have already submitted your application only to receive feedback stating that you have been declined because you are “NSFAS Registered”. Let’s break down the reason for this and what it means.


The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) can reject your R350 grant application for a variety of reasons including being ‘'NSFAS Registered’. This is will be our primary focus as Sassa has explained why this happens.

An unfortunate scenario is that you have just tracked your SRD grant application status and found that it has been rejected due to being ‘NSFAS registered’. 

This means that Sassa has found out that you are on the NSFAS database and are receiving a bursary as well as a monthly allowance throughout the course of your tertiary studies.

This also means that as a student, you have been receiving a meal allowance of R2100 per month in addition to your bursary. As a result, you do not meet the eligibility criteria since NSFAS is also a form of a government grant.

One of the main requirements to be eligible for the R350 SRD grant is for you to not be receiving any additional source of income, grants, which includes NSFAS, or UIF benefits. 

However, if you find that this reason does not warrant your SRD grant application being declined, or that your circumstances had changed at the time of your application, you can always lodge an appeal for reconsideration. Here is how you do so:

How To Appeal For SRD Grant

  1. Go to srd.dsd.gov.za
  2. Enter ID number
  3. Enter telephone number
  4. Lodge appeal

You will receive an SMS notifying you about the outcome of your appeal 



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