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SASSA provides financial relief to poor and vulnerable South Africans. SASSA often requires applicants to fill out forms so that their application can be complete or if they want to request to change something.  Keep reading to find out how to gain access to these forms. 


The South African Social Security Agency, also known as SASSA, issues grants to poor and vulnerable citizens in the country. 

If you are applying to benefit from one of SASSA's grants then you may have to gain access to some forms to do so. These forms will differ according to the grant you are applying for. 

Most application forms must be completed in the presence of SASSA Officials which means that you must visit your nearest SASSA offices to gain access to them. The R350 Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress, can however be applied for online. 

Click here to apply online for the SRD Grant. 

For each SASSA grant you will have to complete and sign a declaration and consent form. This is done so that SASSA has your permission to have your information validated and shared with other organisations and financial institutions such as SARS and banks

To view the declaration and consent form for the SRD Grant, click here. 

To view the declaration and consent form for all the other grants, click here. 

If you are applying for disability grants, SASSA requires a medical review which states that you are temporarily unable to work due to a medical condition. The time in which this must be updated differs for the different disability grants. 

This form will have to be downloaded and you must take it along to the doctor who will perform the medical assessment so that they can fill it out and sign it. 

To download the Medical Assessment: Referral Form, click here. 

If you want to request to receive your grant payment through a personal bank account, instead of your SASSA/SAPO bank account, then you must fill out a form called the SASSA Annexure C Form. This form is applicable to all grants except the R350 SRD Grant. 

This form must be printed out, taken to your bank to be filled in and stamped and then it must be submitted to a SASSA local office so that it can be captured. 

To download the SASSA Annexure C bank form, click here. 

If you wish to submit a Grant Customer Support Request in which you ask questions concerning the grant that you are currently on then you must download a form to do so. 

The form must be completed by typing the information in the relevant spaces and cannot be completed in pen.

After completing the form with the correct information, click "Email" to open the email page and then click "SEND" on the email page. 

To download the Grant Customer Support Request forms, click here. 

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