Will NSFAS Pay For MANCOSA Fees?

Will NSFAS Pay For MANCOSA Fees?

Are you planning to study at the private, accredited business school MANCOSA, but you're unsure of whether you'd be able to receive funding from NSFAS? Well, keep reading to find out whether NSFAS will fund your studies at MANCOSA. 


MANCOSA is a private, accredited business school which offers world-class distance learning with full online digital support, ensuring that your learning journey continues.  They give students the opportunity to gain a qualification ranging from Higher Certificates to Doctoral qualification. 

MANCOSA is committed to providing affordable, accessible and accredited management programmes. Their qualifications prepare students for a future filled with many challenging and exciting opportunities.

They are an online learning platform where students can get a quality education from the comfort of their home. They aim to be the leading distance education provider that is responsive to the evolving education and training needs of dynamic economies through a commitment to people, opportunity and quality.

So does NSFAS pay for MANCOSA fees? 

The answer is no they don't.

This is because NSFAS only funds students who are looking to study at a public university or TVET College in South Africa. 

However there's no need to worry as there are other alternatives for funding at MANCOSA, such as the Fundi educational loans and student loans. 

Fundi provides student loans that cover students' education-related expenses and pay these directly to the higher education institutions they are enrolled at. They provide tuition loans, device loans, to MBA loans. They also cover accommodation expenses, textbooks, learning devices, any outstanding balances and many more.

Fundi aims to make loans more accessible and affordable for students. They do not require students to pay collateral and repayments are deducted from students' salaries or can be paid through debit orders. 

For more information on the Fundi Loan, click here. 

You can also make use of other student loans such as those from banks. In most cases, these loans cover all study related expenses such as tuition, books, equipment, student accommodation, and meals.

The student loan is typically paid back during or after you finish studying and have fair interest rates, fees, and repayment schedules compared to others types of loans.

For more information on student loans, click here. 

View the MANCOSA website for more information on the institution. 

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