Who Qualifies For A Bursary From NSFAS?


NSFAS offers a bursary to University and TVET College students who are in need and can't afford to pay for fees. This bursary covers more than just your fees so to find out if you fit the criteria to get one, keep reading.

People are often unaware of the fact that to get funded by NSFAS, it is not about your marks but rather your SASSA status or your parents' income. The grades are important to get into an institution and you would need to be a registered student to get funded. Should you be getting funds from SASSA, you also would need to send your SASSA details to NSFAS. 

The organisation funds 42% of the University population and 70% of TVET College students. NSFAS wants Universities to step up their enrolments of NSFAS. Students who intend to study at private institutions will not be assisted by NSFAS.

Not sure if you qualify for NSFAS funding? Well, look through this list and see:

NSFAS Requirements

  • You are a South African citizen
  • Financial constraints which doesn't allow you to fund your own studies such as: 
    • Having a combined household income that's under R350 000 per year
    • You have a disability and your combines annual household income is less than R600 000
    • You are a SASSA grant recipient
  • You are applying to get a formal qualification from a public university or TVET College
  • You passed grade 9 to 12 (for those applying for TVET funding)
  • You passed grade 12 (for those applying for University funding)

The NSFAS Administrator also advised students to not think that University is their only choice and that the option to attend a TVET College is there as well. 

It's also very important for students to remember to apply to Universities and TVET Colleges before the application closing dates at those institutions. The NSFAS Administrator encouraged parents to ensure their children apply to both NSFAS and higher education institutions as it was found that students qualified for funding and did not apply to a University or TVET College. 

Qualifying and getting funded by NSFAS means nothing if you are not registered to a University or TVET College.

You are also encouraged to apply to NSFAS as soon as you can as the demand for funding is expected to grow due to the effects Covid-19 and the lockdown has had on employment and finances.

NSFAS does not accept emailed or posted applications. For more information on how to apply, click here

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