Everything to Know About Celbux As A NSFAS Student

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Careers Portal had a chat with Charl Moller from Celbux to get insight into Celbux and how NSFAS beneficiaries can make use of them. NSFAS Wallet is powered through Celbux and is where students will find their NSFAS allowances.

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Celbux is a platform used to make managing finances easier and accessible. Another positive aspect of Celbux is that it's completely free.

Keep reading to hear what Celbux is, how Celbux works for NSFAS students as well as any other Celbux questions answered.

NSFAS uses Celbux to power it's NSFAS Wallet system which is used for TVET College students' NSFAS allowances.

How do Celbux vouchers work?

Previously, NSFAS would give students four types of vouchers for their allowances which would cover books, accommodation, food and transport. NSFAS then changed these vouchers into cash vouchers. 

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With students being given a cash voucher, this means that they can create a Celbux voucher through their NSFAS online wallet and can then withdraw the cash using that voucher by going to any of the merchants Celbux and NSFAS has partnered with. This leads to lower cash handling fees.

These merchants are basically seen as an ATM to students who use NSFAS Wallet and a Celbux account, once you have gone through account verification. 

Why does NSFAS use Celbux?

A Celbux account is an alternative to having a bank account. Bank accounts requires students to use money for simple transactions and sometimes, to create the bank account. 

With Celbux having accessibility as a goal, they've made everything free. This means that you don't need to pay to create a NSFAS Wallet and that you don't need to pay when you withdraw your NSFAS allowances through your NSFAS Wallet.

This NSFAS branded wallet is secure and is protected by a username and a password. This removes cash handling fees on small transactions. There is no NSFAS Wallet app as the service is administered through USSD links and a web channel. It doesn't require much technical knowledge and is a modern digital services.

What's the difference between SBux and Celbux?

NSFAS Wallet was previously known as SBux. This means that SBux is no longer in use but Celbux was the system behind it.

When NSFAS made the switch to cash vouchers, they then made a few things easier with the wallet and then made the move to re-brand SBux to NSFAS Wallet.

Students are urged to not share their Wallet username and password with anyone as you are most probably being scammed. NSFAS and Celbux will never ask you to divulge your personal details.

Are you looking for the NSFAS phone number - or other contact details?

Should you have any issues or enquiries concerning your NSFAS Wallet, you can contact NSFAS through the following channels:


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