Would Returning to School Full-Time be Worth It?

Would Returning to School Full-Time be Worth It?

The Department of Basic Education and teachers unions are still debating about whether primary school pupils should return the school full-time. Many say it is not worth as there have been talks of a third wave, while others say it is needed. 


There has been constant debate about whether or not pupils should return to school full-time, but with winter and a possible third wave on the way, will it be worth it?

It's been confirmed that no final decision has been made on whether or not learners should return full-time, but the debate is still ongoing.

Parents, teachers and other important parties are concern whether it will be the right decision for all pupils to return, as there has been talks about a possible third wave in this coming Winter.

Teachers are however keen for full-time learning as the rotational system in place is proving to set learners back and is making it difficult for them to teach.

National Professional Teachers Organisation of South Africa's (NAPTOSA), Basil Manual, believes that pupils should return full-time and the possibility should be properly considered before any final decisions are made.

He says: 

Teachers have shown that they can manage in a crisis... Principles have shown that they can manage

Certain areas, mainly in the rural sectors, however, seem to lack the needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sanitation, to accommodate for the needed Covid-19 protocols. This is only because the Department of Basic Education has failed to provide for them in time

Covid-19 has proven to be extremely unpredictable, and making adjustments now only for it to have to change again in the near future can create a chaotic environment for teachers, learners and parents. 

The constant change will only disrupt the learning processes of the pupils as they need a consistent routine for effective learning to take place. 

Is it worth the while for learners to return full-time or is it too soon? The Department and teachers unions still have not come to a conclusion.

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