University Students Protest Over Higher Certificate Qualification

Durban University of Technology

Some students at the Durban University of Technology embarked on a strike on Wednesday. Those completing a one-year Higher Certificate course say the university has been misleading them.


Disgruntled students at the Durban University of Technology's Steve Biko campus have formed a human chain at its campus premises preventing other students from entering. 

They say that the university has misled them by saying that those who registered and completed their one-year high certificate qualification would be absorbed to study towards a diploma. 

However, some of them say that it has been two years and that this has not happened. SASCO Student representative Ernest Mangogara, explains that management has not been entirely honest with students when it comes to this issue.

The problem with the SRC and management is that they are not giving students clear answers, instead they reject them. They don't want them absorbed to study for a diploma.

He adds that the university’s management is now in disagreement with the arrangement that students can progress from a Higher Certificate qualification to a Diploma. He also says that the university also refuses to cancel the qualification.

DUT's management was not present at the demonstration and is yet to issue a response to the aggrieved students.

The university currently offers Higher Certificate programs in courses such as, Business Administration, Operations Management: Project Management. 

However, in a statement issued in March earlier this the University’s Senior Director of Corporate Affairs, Alan Khan said that the completion of a higher certificate does not imply immediate admission into a diploma within an academic year, regardless of the results obtained.

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