UCT Management Slammed For Slow Response

President of the UCT SRC has called out the university's management for its slow response to the recent Cape Town fires. 


In a statement released on April 25, SRC President, Declan Dyer said credit should be given to the SRC for stepping in to give students direction during a time of panic. 

"It is a lie to suggest the university was the brain behind the response when we know it was the uncompensated student leaders and activists who controlled the crowd, who were present with students at hotels, who worked through the day and night coordinating efforts on the ground, and who constantly without fail, gave the university management the direction they were so incapable of providing themselves."

During the time that students were affected by the fire, the university announced that classes would be suspended from Monday 19 April until Friday 23 April. 

Around 4000 students were evacuated from their residences and placed at alternative accommodation. 

Students have now returned to their residences, and the academic programme has resumed at the university. 

Dyer has vowed to hold the university accountable for its initial slow response to the fire.

"As things return to normalcy this week, there will be an opportunity to reflect on the university's slow response in the early days of the evacuation and we will hold the university accountable, as necessary."

Many individuals, UCT employees and corporations stepped up to lend a helping hand to displaced students. These efforts were also extended to students affected by the fires at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

The Cape Town community has been thanked for assisting and giving support to students during a time of uncertainty. 

"We once again offer our extensive gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts and assistance received in our moment of crisis. The Cape Town community, workers of the institution, firefighters and students have truly extended themselves beyond any human expectation" said Dyer in the closing statement.

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