SASSA Working to Resolve R350 Grant Payment Delays

SASSA says they are working to resolve the delay of R350 grant payments after apologizing for the second time. Though they only state that payments will be made soon, South African citizens who rely on the grant are becoming aggravated by the delay.


SASSA apologizes for the second time over the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant payment delays and say they are working on resolving it. 

The SRD grant is given to people of South Africa that are struggling in the midst of the pandemic. The R350 grant is meant to assist people with their living expenses.

SASSA has recently issued a public apology to the citizens of South Africa over the delay of the SRD payments, and then apologized again on May, 11th as payments still haven't been made. 

Though SASSA ensures that everyone who has been approved for the grant will receive their payments soon, they are still haven't made the payments yet. 

The Black Sash has been slamming the agency on their delays in payment and not assisting their beneficiaries. 

Esley Philander, of the Black Sash group, tells EWN

Sassa must intervene decisively. The grants’ termination and suspension of payments aggravate the current humanitarian crisis.

According to SASSA, they are working on resolving the delay in the payments. They do not however state when people will receive their payments. 

In the previous apology, SASSA said that beneficiaries will not receive their payment in a double or lump sum amount, but they will receive it over a number of days or even weeks

As the third wave approaches, SASSA has decided again to extend the grant to assist the struggling citizens of South Africa. 

EWN says, that as food prices and other expenses are skyrocketing it is essential that South African citizens continue to receive the grant in order to assist them with their everyday expenses.


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