NSFAS Issues Warning To Students About Applications


Students are expected to submit their documents when submitting for their tertiary education funding with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). These documents are verified before the student receives funding for the academic year.



Once these documents have been forged or the student submits the information that is falsified, this is labeled as fraud.

NSFAS has made an announcement to address the issue:

We want to maintain a zero-tolerance for fraud and corruption within the scheme.

Students who have been found guilty as such will be held responsible and may be incriminated, according to NSFAS.

Members of the public have been urged to report the following fraudulent activities:

  1. Exploitation of the NSFAS systems (students submitting falsified information to qualify for funding)
  2. Misuse of the NSFAS Wallet allowances 
  3. Altering or forging of application forms
  4. Falsifying of family financial documents
  5. Submission of fraudulent supporting documents 

To report such activities, contact the Vuvuzela Hotline using the details below:

Phone: 0860 247 653

Email: [email protected]

SMS: Call back Number to 30916

Or visit: http://thehotlineapp.co.za or http://thehotline.co.za





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