KZN Launches Database For Unemployed Graduates

KZN Launches Database For Unemployed Graduates

The provincial government of KwaZulu-Natal has unveiled a database aimed at helping unemployed graduates. The Provincial Unemployed Graduates Database aims to help recruit youth for internships and leadership, as well as establish youth trends which can help to inform policy.


Through the Youth Chief Directorate and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) unit, the Kwazulu-Natal provincial government has devised a template to collect and collate integrated, up-to-date data on unemployed graduates in the province.

The aim of the online database which will be accessible to government departments, municipalities, government agencies and the private sector is to help recruit youth for internships and leadership, as well as establish youth trends which can help to inform policy.

“The Provincial Unemployed Graduates Database will also be accessible to national programmes such as Infrastructure Strategic Projects for unemployed youth that seeks job training opportunities in various sectors,” the provincial government said.

It said rife unemployment among graduates is a cause for concern for the province.

The unemployment of graduates has also become a thorn in the flesh of the provincial government, which if not addressed properly, can become a raging inferno with devastating effects. The advent of the novel Coronavirus more than a year ago has worsened the unemployment of graduates in South Africa, and particularly in KwaZulu-Natal.

The province wants to eradicate and lessen the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality, through the establishment of the database. Registration for the database is accessible on the KwaZulu-Natal online website ( and will be continuous, without a closing date.

Unemployed graduates can populate the template, which will be easily accessible on various social media platforms.

“Even graduates from rural and outlying areas of the province can have access to the template through the mobile vehicle offices which will provide access to information through technology. The Youth Development Chief Directorate will then collate information on the template and update the database on a regular basis,” the provincial government explained.

Data released by Statistics South Africa earlier this month showed that the country’s unemployment rate reached 32.6% in the first three months of 2021. According to the data, the official unemployment rate among youth (15-34 years) was 46.3% in quarter 1, 2021.

 “It is against this background that KwaZulu-Natal is doing its all in its power to address the rising unemployment among youth and graduates. Hopefully, this venture will go a long way in alleviating the plight of unemployed graduates, thus relieving the stressful load on their shoulders,” said the provincial government

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