First 3D Global Virtual School In SA

Iva Global School, the world's first 3D global virtual school will be established In South Africa. This school provides online education in the most unconventional way. 

Since the effects of Covid-19 have caused schools to start moving towards an online platform, online learning has become very prevalent in 2020. 

Iva Global School will take this mode of education to a different level. The 3D virtual school founded by John Luis will take online education further by providing scholars with a quality education while offering an holistic approach to learning. 

Founder and CEO John Luis says the idea of this school came from students having to make use of Zoom meetings to attend their school classes. He felt that this could be made into a more engaging experience by creating a 3D virtual environment. 

A virtual school campus has been created where all schooling activities will take place. Learners will be given an avatar that they will have to dress and prepare for school and then use to attend classes, attend assemblies and other activities. 

Luis draws a similarity between this virtual school and the gaming world as a lot of features like using an avatar and moving it around to complete activities are the same. He says this makes the process more fun for learners who are attending school from home. 

The National Senior Certificate will be offered through the Independent Examination Board. 

In terms of the curriculum that they will make use of Luis says:

"Our approach to implementing the curriculum is not one of providing textbooks and getting children to access the content of the textbooks for the purpose of regurgitating that content in a test,"

Instead they will be focusing on learning that is engaging, fun and aligned to life-long learning. Assessments will be more project-based and problem-based in terms of real world events, instead of a content based test. 

Tuition for Iva Global School is said to be a fraction of that of other top private schools as they do not make use of any physical buildings. 

For more information on Iva Global School and how to apply, click here 


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