Students Unable To Register For 2024 At University

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The 2024 academic year is underway at most of the country's universities. However, students at a Bloemfontein university are facing challenges with completing their registration. 

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Students at the Central University of Technology (CUT) in the Free State are facing significant hurdles in registering for the 2024 academic year, with issues ranging from wrongful exclusions to unprocessed documents and inaccuracies in marks submitted to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Some appeals have been rejected without sensible reasons provided, while others are still pending, leaving many students in a state of uncertainty and frustration.

Communication difficulties with the institution have compounded these challenges, leaving students feeling stranded and unable to return home.

One student stated that they were blocked from registering because they failed two academic years. However, the student said they passed their first year and only failed their second year. 

He said I'm rejected and I asked for the reason. He said I failed for two consecutive years but my first year I passed everything, I only failed  last year so I was like how? Because I passed my first year he said that's just how it is and there's nothing that he can do now. 

Another student said they won’t be able to travel back to their home as they do not have money. They are also determined to complete their final year of university. 

Now we are stranded here in Bloem [Bloemfontein]. We can't even go home because we don't have money to go back home and we want to study because this is our final year

The institution's Student Representative Council (SRC) has highlighted understaffing in the admission office as a major factor contributing to these registration delays. Despite CUT's claims of readiness for the registration period, appeals sent to incorrect email addresses were left unattended, exacerbating the situation.

If it was sent through, bring it to us so that we talk through the committee. Remember also with the logistics test week about to start, so we don't just want to say register everyone without having a plan on how they're going to recover academically

In response, the South African Union for students (SAUS) has urged affected students to step forward, emphasising the importance of authentic documentation in resolving these issues. Moliehi Rajonase from SAUS stated the matter will be before the university’s senate. 

The matter is still with the institution. They have not yet given out a final communication to say are they going to give, are they going to extend again for the students or not. They said they have circulated the matter to the Senate so we are still waiting for the Senate to sit and find out but we are going to make it a point that we assist the students and make it a point that they're not thrown out.

CUT has responded by assuring students that 77% of issues have been resolved and that the registration period has been extended. Students are now being encouraged to register offline. The institution maintains that cases are being addressed based on merit.

I want to assure our students that they still have an opportunity to register but this time offline by approaching all the relevant offices for that purpose

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