Youth Capital Can Help Solve Matric Issues

Kristal Duncan-Williams from Youth Capital spoke to Careers Portal and explained what Youth Capital is, what they do, and how it can help matriculants face challenges. If you are interested in what she had to say, then keep on reading.



Youth Capital is a youth-led campaign for driving changes in youth unemployment in South Africa. The campaign does this by connecting young people's lived experiences with research, evidence and data.

All of that is combined with other stakeholders in the sector and try to create systemic changes through policy changes and making sure that these changes reflect the solutions that will work for youth in 2021.

Their website states that they "believe in a South Africa where every young person has the skills and opportunity to get their first decent job. If we, as young people, connect our experience, skills and ideas, with the research and decision-makers that drive large-scale change, we can really shift gears and change the story of youth employment."

The Matric Class of 2020 experienced additional pressure when they wrote their final year exams, due to COVID-19 causing a loss of classroom learning time and although online learning was an option, not all learners had the resources to part-take in online learning.

At the moment these young people are anxiously awaiting the outcome of their results and experiencing additional stress since there is a lack of clarity on how they should go about registering to rewrite if their marks were not what they needed them to be.

Youth Capital aims to help these learners by directing them to resources that they would find helpful, which will provide a smoother transition from high school to the world of work.

Learners are asked to follow Youth Captial on social media, where they will be posting links to resources for tutoring services and information from the Department of Basic Education.

All the websites are zero-rated.

Here are a couple of their social media pages:

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